Bud’s Salads continues to supply fresh, quality-controlled cut produce to a vast array of food service distributors and produce companies across Texas and its surrounding states. We strive to exceed your expectations and dedicate our team to providing you with the ultimate in quality and timely service. From ordering to production to delivery, Bud’s Salads team is friendly, fast and fanatical about servicing your needs.

Meet the Bud’s Salads Team

Jorge Elizondo

General Manager


Jorge Elizondo - Bud's Salads

Jennifer Rohde Dickerson

EVP Sales & Administration


Jennifer Rohde Dickerson - Bud's Salads

Grayson Morgan

Sales/Marketing Manager


Grayson Morgan - Bud's Salads

Eric Alvarez

Food Safety Quality Assurance Manager


Eric Alvarez - Bud's Salads

Erika Aceves

Customer Success Representative


Erika Aceves-Alvarado - Bud's Salads

Bennie Wilson

Maintenance Manager


Bennie Wilson - Bud's Salads

Dora Villa

Customer Success Representative


Dora Villa - Bud's Salads
Bud’s Gives Back

Bud’s Salads has been working to help our local community for years. We don’t trumpet what we do but we would like to encourage others to get involved. We’re proud to be partners with the North Texas Food Bank, Dallas CASA, and Family Gateway, donating fresh produce on a regular basis. These groups are amazing and do more to help those in need than we have space here to outline. If you are a Dallas or North Texas business, please consider what you can do to help. If you are in another area, groups like these are awaiting your call.

Visit North Texas Food Bank, Dallas CASA, and Family Gateway for more information about how you or your company can get involved.

North Texas Food Bank
Dallas CASA
Family Gateway